*Time Travel
*The Illuminati
*The Great Myths of Civilization

 There’s  a Hole in History asks the questions:

-What strange forces control every part of our lives?
-Is there life on other planets?
-Can we really build a Time Machine? 

Travel with us as we examine the most famous riddles of mankind.

Watch as we challenge the time line of human existence and explore
 the reality of Time Travel as we design a real Time Machine.

This is not a ‘How-To’ book, this is a screenplay. It is ... well a different way to tell a story.

Log Line:
Lost treasure, ancient curses, the jewel heist of the century.
Abandoned by the eons of time, the greatest relic of the Inca Empire has finally been recovered. Cursed…perhaps? Be careful what you wish for, all who possess the golden idol die

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King Alakazoonie and the Lost Diamond Mine

 Log Line

A small group of children sit at their grandfather’s feet and beg for one of grandpas’ tall-tales. “Grandpa tell us a story” they shout. Grandpa has the uncanny ability to fabricate fantastical, wacky adventures.

Each episode takes us on an epic journey, one more fanciful than the other.


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